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Where to go on safari in Tanzania

A safari in Tanzania is one of contrasts thanks to this incredible landscape where the wilderness of the Serengeti and its bustling plains bow before mighty Mount Kilimanjaro’s snow-laden crown. Further south, the verdant basin of the Ngorongoro Crater cradles a vibrant ecosystem, while beyond its parameters, endless coffee plantations churn out infinite quantities of the berry-like brew.

There are several other fantastic reserves offering a genuine Tanzanian safari for the adventurous among us - namely, the immense Selous Game Reserve, Ruaha National Park, Tarangire National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park - where chimpanzees roam in the forested mountain slopes, and Katavi National Park - where you can see herds of buffalo in their thousands.

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Stretching itself across 1.5 million hectares of land, the Serengeti National Park is known for its impressive population of wildlife — most notably the Big 5. It is perhaps more renowned for being part of the stage on which The Great Wildebeest Migration plays out. Each year, over a million wildebeest, a fair number of gazelles, and a small following of zebra seek better grazing areas by moving south in the Serengeti, then west and north into the Maasai Mara before eventually returning.

Ngorongoro Crater:

Home to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Ngorongoro highlands in northern Tanzania offer a multitude of fascinating pastimes to engage visitors. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, this conservation area allows visitors to sample locally-grown and brewed coffee, safari through a crater, hike up another, and walk in the footsteps of early man.

Ruaha National Park:

The semi-arid savannahs of the Ruaha National Park’s rolling plains are scattered with acacias. baobabs. and overhanging forest. It is also said to have the highest concentration of African elephants in all of East Africa. Inside Tanzania’s largest park, the rushing Great Ruaha River and its borders stretching across two vegetation zones promise an abundance of diverse wildlife.

Selous Game Reserve:

Selous is known as one of the largest faunal reserves on the globe and as one of Africa's largest protected areas. This sanctuary attracts far fewer visitors than its northern counterparts, and this, along with its pristine and untouched landscape, has earned Selous a reputation as one of Africa's last remaining wildernesses. 

Katavi National Park:

Tangled woodlands are interspersed by Lake Katavi and Lake Chada’s seasonal floodplains while the perennial Katuma River provides an important source of water for the significant amount of wildlife that roams about Katavi National Park. This safari sanctuary is undoubtedly for the seasoned game-viewer – those with a taste for adventure and those who want to venture off the beaten track. This is one of few places in Tanzania where safari-goers might venture for days before actually coming across another tourist.

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